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We've intergrated our LED kit into XK Glow's Bluetooth controller and turn signal modules. Our sport cruiser kit features 10 strips in 3 different sizes, XK Glows Bluetooth controller featuring 16 million colors, dual zone, chameleon mode, built-in themes, DIY theme creator, music sync, speed sync, find my vehicle and brake safety mode along with XK Glows integrated turn signal modules that allow the whole left and right sides of the bike to flash amber with your turn signal.


Whats included:

10 LED strips

10 extension cables

2pcs 1-7 splitter harness

1pc Bluetooth controller

2pcs turn signal controllers

1pc on/off switch

Misc. bag

Bluetooth cruiser LED kit w/ integrated blinker module

  • All our motorcycle kits come with a 5 year warranty as long as its determined that it is a manufacturer issue and not an issue brougt upon the user. (I.E. operating the controller without the fuse in place, running the extension cables along the motor/exhaust, etc.)