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Our brand new sequential LED kits are the latest for a plug-and-play system for someone who wants to be different from everyone else with the regular traditional color changing LED kits. What makes the sequential kit different from regular kits is the ability for the strips to do patterns and sequences/modes. We have 2 kits to choose from, Bluetooth or a handheld RF controller. Our Bluetooth controller has a full color selector wheel so you can fine tune the exact color you want along with over 200 modes, speed adjustment and brightness adjustment. The RF controller has 200 modes as well, adujstable speed and brightness but only 4 solid color options. To see a video of it in action, go to https://www.facebook.com/toptiercustoms/videos/1066181150124706/

Universal Bluetooth sequential LED kit

Kit style
  • All our motorcycle kits come with a 5 year warranty as long as its determined that it is a manufacturer issue and not an issue brougt upon the user. (I.E. operating the controller without the fuse in place, running the extension cables along the motor/exhaust, etc.)